eng Grupa Promesa

We present group of specialist from range right < law (as of right) >, technician of (technique of) negotiation agree , organization of instruction (training). We cooperate as taxes with experts from such domains, administrative right < law (as of right) >. legal assistance are guarantee due to them in state (condition) we we are guarantee in state (condition) legal assistance and counseling on highest horizontal < level (horizon) >, in (to) most even domains complicated (elaborate) < complicate >. We will undertake with equal allegiance also less compound (composite) tasks, current attendance of (service activity of) legal firm like, assistance in negotiations, it agree analysis, vindication of amount due if (or) representation in litigations. Current legal attendance (service activity), in (to) vindication of amount due it, litigations promise realizes coherent with (from) we centers of legal counseling in gdynia -. We commission cases dedicated legal groups requiring knowledge specialistic. Among benefit, that become participation (quota) possible indicate after making of cooperation with group state promise austerity of time and capability of concentration on basic activity of firm, greatest efficiency in area of legal turn, as well as optimization of cost, due to clear principles of settlements of accounts and with one cooperation subject, on highest assuring (provide) complex attendance (service activity) horizontal < level (horizon) >.